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Nothing makes a woman feel more seductive than strutting her stuff in a sexy swimsuit. Sexy swimwear by Brigite for Brigitewear International is the paramount of alluring swimsuits, specifically designed to bring out her inner vixen.

Thong Bathing Suits

When she’s ready to have her backside celebrated, the thong swimsuit is definitely called upon. Thong swimsuits first gained recognition on the beaches of Brazil, but have come a long way since then. Adored by Americans, South Americans and Europeans alike, the thong has become a staple in sexy swimwear.  Traditionally worn to reduce tan lines or to emulate a high-fashion look, everyone knows these swimsuits are all about exuding confidence. Whether the preference is a high-cut string V-string or a thicker T-back, Brigitewear has created a thong that is guaranteed to have heads turning when she walks past.

Sheer Swimwear

A sheer swimsuit is sure to make any man melt into a puddle of goo right before her eyes. There is no better reflection of freedom and femininity than a woman using a sheer swimsuit to display her canvas. These swimsuits are typically made of material that appears sheer when wet. The degree of which may vary from opaque to semi-opaque, depending on the thickness of the fabric. This also leads to the ability to tan through the swimsuit (Who doesn’t love that?).

The style of transparent swimwear is really beginning to take off in the States as designers continue to recognize the more daring streak in their female audiences. What’s even more appealing about sheer swimsuits is the versatility they can add to a swimwear arsenal. They can quickly be converted to a sleek, sophisticated look by adding a skirt or a Brigite cover up at the moment she needs more coverage. When she’s feeling racy again, she can ditch the extras and bask in the admiration she’s getting.

Topless Swimsuits

Topless swimsuits are creating a buzz worth noticing. Perfect for a trip out of the country or a private night by the pool, these bold swimsuits are the new Mecca of risqué swimwear. These suits offer a great plunging front which will often create a very flattering, natural cleavage. For a fun and flirty look, they can be paired with a Brigite sheer T-shirt for additional coverage. More beaches in America are beginning to adopt nude and topless zones, and these topless swimsuits are a great way to add elegance and sophistication to the practice of semi-nude sunbathing.

The exotic swimsuits and styles offered by Brigitewear International are truly inspiring. The mere fact that they offer their sexy swimwear in sizes 0-20 proves that the only common factor needed to wear them is confidence. When a woman feels good about herself, she walks with a certain air. Her head is held high, there’s a swing in her hips and a glow in her smile. Her presence is enough to make a statement. Brigite swimwear enhances what she already has!

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