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Brigite HD Sunglasses - maybe the best sunglasses available

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Brigitewear maxx hd sunglasses in black

Brigitewear HD sunglasses, the perfect combination of high tech fashion, design and performance. Available in Black or White $24.95

White Sunglasses

Equally suited for men or women Swimsuit

Brigitewear sport high definition sunglasses

Brigitewear Sunglasses

"It's all about the lens"

5 Star Review

Brigitewear has teamed up with MAXX Sunglasses to bring you what are perhaps the best sunglasses you can buy, and at a very affordable price. Stylish and recreational, these are perfect for any outdoor activity.

Brigitewear Sunglasses offer:

  • High Definition Clarity
  • Ultra-Light Frames
  • Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lens
  • UV 400 - 100% UV Protection
  • No Peripheral Distortion

$22.95 - $24.95


Free Shipping on orders over $75 US ($85 non US)

Brigitewear HD Sunglasses ($24.95)

Brigitewear Retro Sport Sunglasses ($22.95)

Retro Sport sunglasses White

Retro Sport sunglasses Black


Brigite Sunglasses- Reviews

Average rating:

 5 stars

Brigitewear Sunglasses

5 stars Sexy By 

 The sun glasses are great and the shirt is very sexy to wear out on the boat


 5 stars Amazing Sunglasses 04/17/2015
By Terese DiMartino

I needed protection for my eyes and never could find the right lens. When I looked online and saw these Brigitewear HD sunglasses I just new. Now I don't sqint or fuss with the fit. I just love them! They are also light on my face with no marks on my nose. They also look really nice on and stylish. The design is great and covers all angles. The best!!!

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Palm Desert, CA USA 92211

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