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Brigitewear Product Sheerness Scale

Brigitewear offers a number of Sheer Products with different attributes and differing levels of Sheerness.  The chart below has been designed to allow you to determine which level is right for your product selection:


(Note: These products have no sunscreen properties.  When wearing in the sun, we recommend the use of a sunscreen applicable to your skin type, duration of stay in the sun and UV Index.)

SW - Sheer When Wet:

These products, primarily swimsuits, are designed with no lining on the top.  While appearing thinner than a normal lined suit, contours and curves are more defined and pronounced when the suit is dry, but when the suit becomes wet, it will become opaque and transparent much as a t-shirt when wet.  The lighter colors are more transparent while the darker colors are much less so.  Choose a White, Yellow, Pink, Baby Blue, etc. to achieve the most transparency and Black, Royal Blue, etc. to achieve the least.

ST - See Through or Tan Through:

Products in this category include swimsuits, shirts and sarongs.  The materials that make these products may vary slightly, but the general look and feel are the same.  These products are sheer and see through when dry as well as wet.  When in swimwear, the crotches are lined and not see through, but the rest of the garment is transparent at all times.  These product provide no sun protection so caution is advised when wearing in the sun.  Product color has no effect on the sheerness of this category.

PT - Partially Transparent:

Swimwear, shirts and cover-ups primarily fall into this category. These pieces have a design or print element to the fabric which subdues the sheerness.  Think of these styles as providing an occasional "peek" view of what is covered.  These are more provocative and than other sheer products.

SN - Sheer Non Transparent

These pieces provide the least transparency.  Although not see through, these items are unlined and therefore will show more readily contours and curves hidden beneath due to the lightness of the fabrics, leaving much to the imagination.

We hope our definitions help you in your selection process.  Please to not hesitate to contact us for any further clarification or any other questions you may have.


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