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 Brigitewear Sexy Swimwear, thong swimsuits, see through bikinis and accessories made in Palm Springs California

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Buy Topless Swimwear & Bathing Suits for Women

Throw caution to the wind. Free your body, mind and spirit from ordinary, mundane and everyday swimwear. Express your freedom and sensuality; live your life to the fullest.

Topless Tie Back swimsuit shown with Sheer Coral T Shirt

Topless Tie Back Swimsuit - Command attention in our sensuously suggestive Topless Tieback Swimsuit! Quality tricot with a light gray pattern on matte white is beautifully contrasted with bright coral adjustable back lacing and spaghetti style shoulder straps. High waist tummy coverage, Rio bottom, and high cut legs create a fabulously fun, sexy, and sophisticated design and adapts to whatever your mood! Change up the look with a variety of colorful tops. Add one of our matching Coral Sheer T’s or bright Coral Sarong for a captivating “wear anywhere” ensemble. Comes with crotch lining only.




Topless Jewel One Piece -This captivating swimsuit adapts to whatever your mood is. Change up the look with a variety of optional tops. Adorned with a jeweled accent in front that catches and reflects the light. High waisted front panel help conceals any pesky bulge. A darling Cheeky bottom with high cut legs finished off the look. In sizes 2-20  from  $61.95

5 stars

Supportive High Waist panel

Topless High Waist One Piece  - Seductively Sophisticated. Black mesh style fabric with shimmering gold weave and gold strapping. High waist tummy coverage. Racer back with cheeky bottom.  High cut legs. fabulously fun, sexy, sophisticated design, in sizes 2-22 from $64.95

versailles topless thong one piece swimsuit for women by brigitewear

Versailles Topless One Piece Thong swimsuit by Brigitewear.  Exciting, sexy, words cannot describe this exclusive haute couture design.  Great for tanning, sports and swimming.  Pair it with one of our Sheer T Shirts for a wear anywhere ensemble.  Not for the faint of heart but the daring adventurous only, thong topless swimsuits.  Sizes 2-20  $59.95

5 stars


St Lucia Topless One Piece Swimsuit with Rio bottom by Brigitewear

St. Lucia Rio Bottom, One Piece Topless Swimsuit by Brigitewear.  Similar to the Monte Carlo, only this one offers a Rio Bottom for more bottom coverage.  A great topless swimsuit for tanning or to wear when you're feeling especially sexy.  Be on the forefront of fashion, make your own statement, you'll be glad you did. Sizes 2-16  $59.95 

5 stars


Jeweled Bikini Top alone shown with Cannes Thong Bikini Bottom

The Jeweled Top Bikini - If you're daring, wear this sizzling top alone or wear it over an existing bikini top. Whichever you choose, this stunner will make an impact. Completely covered in shiny rhinestones, the top is stunning and dazzling in the sunlight! one size top $34.50 Bottoms from $31.95

5 stars


Topless thong bikini and topless gstring bikini bottom swimsuits from brigitewear

Thong or G-String Bikini bathing suit bottoms are available in sets of bottoms only for a great topless bathing suit fashion statement. Whichever way you choose to wear your bikini, you're sure to be a hit. $29.95 - $31.95

5 stars





Frequently asked questions about topless & sheer swimwear   ^top

We receive more questions and comments about our Topless One Piece Swimsuits and Sheer Swimwear than any of our products categories. Most questions revolve generally around the same theme.  Examples are:

  • "I received this as a present but have no idea where I would wear it".

  • "I gave this suit to my wife and she said, 'I can't wear that out in public', what do I say?"

  • "Is it ok to wear this in the U.S.?"

  • "I don't know if I have the nerve to walk down the beach wearing this".

Let's see if we can add some clarity to these common questions and comments. First of all, don't have a preconceived idea that these are normal "swimsuits", they're not.  They are much more. Yes, many women do wear these on the beach. Venice Beach in L.A.? No. South Beach in Miami? Yes. One the Jersey shore? No. On the beach in Cannes? Yes.  Get the idea? They are not for everywhere, that's a given. Why, generally because of social mores attaching a stigma to showing a women's breast in public.  Ridiculous? We think so. Attitudes are slowly changing, and it is our intention to speed that process as much as we can. That being said, let us share places where topless swimsuits are worn much more frequently, sometimes not necessarily as a swimsuit.

  • Tanning in your backyard when you're feeling daring

  • In the spa or pool with your lover

  • On that secluded beach where you and your significant other vacation

  • In your bedroom when you want to surprise and entice

  • Cook dinner in one for a real surprise

Get the idea? This is more, much more than just swimwear. 

Although Brigitewear's philosophy is that women going topless should be no different than men going topless.  That every women should have the right to do so if she chooses, the reality is, in many parts of the world, what should be isn't. Is that ok? No. But let's face it, there are many prejudices, beliefs, laws, mores and preconceived ideas that exist and although you may not agree, and would like to change it, they are what they are and that's just the way it is.

For those daring enough to try to effect change, we applaud you. But don't feel you have to be a rebel or activist in order to wear one of our topless creations. These are designed for the beholder as well as the wearer. If you have someone in your life you would like to surprise, if you would like to be provocative at a certain moment, if you would like to elicit a response, or if you're just feeling loving in the privacy of your home, then these products are designed for you.  And our promise to you is - you won't be disappointed.

Live life to the fullest, expand your horizons, dare to be different!

(If you would like to participate and help bring about change, visit or )


Brigitewear International designs, manufactures and sell women's swimwear made in California, USA     

Palm Desert,  CA  USA  92211

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Brigitewear International wants you to be satisfied with your selection. Should there be any defect in quality or workmanship, if your size is incorrect, or if you just do not care for the style, your swimwear is exchangeable with original tags & hygiene strip within 30 days of receipt. See our Policies page for full details on exchanges/refunds.