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 Brigitewear Sexy Swimwear, thong swimsuits, see through bikinis and accessories made in Palm Springs California

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Lady Liberty Sheer Sarong Cover-up

Lady Liberty Sheer Sarong

Sheer fabric with White Stars on Blue Field

Sheer sarong covery-ups by Brigitewear

Matching bikini option

Wide width for full coverage

Full coverage for a variety of uses


Lady Liberty Sarong

Patriotic white stars on sheer navy mesh bring on those summer vibes! This lightweight sarong is perfect coverage for the beach or the pool and a must-have for your summer wardrobe. Extended width Sarong adds a little extra coverage.

from  $31.00 In stock! Order now!

Sarong ($31 Size 58" x 21 1/2")

Extended Width Sarong ($35 Size 63"x 27")

Great for any type of swimsuit cover-up

Sexy sheer sarongs by Brigitewear


Brigitewear International designs, manufactures and sell women's swimwear made in California, USA

Palm Desert, CA USA 92211

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