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 Brigitewear Sexy Swimwear, thong swimsuits, see through bikinis and accessories made in Palm Springs California

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Oasis Swimsuit Bikini

Perwinkle Oasis bikni in very sexy and sultry

A very alluring, seductive bikini swimsuit

Shown in Confetti, sexy and sultry

Shown above the Oasis in Confetti

The Confetti Rio bottom for more coverage

Oasis Confetti Rio bottom

Periwinkle Rio bottom with Canary strapping

Oasis Rio Periwinkle bottom

Plus size thong bottom in sizes 2-plus size 22

Thong Confetti Available in sizes 2 to plus size 22 

The Rio bottom Confetti Oasis bikini

Sexy multi strap bottom with high cut legs

Oasis Bikini Top/Thong/Rio in Periwinkle and Confetti

Step into pure paradise with our Oasis Bikini ensemble! The unlined Oasis top has cross-back strapping and contrasting front embellishments in just the right places!

The matching bottom comes in Thong or Rio with high cut legs and sexy side straps. Offered in a fun confetti pattern with rose colored accents or eye-catching periwinkle with neon yellow accents. The Oasis will be sure to keep you dreaming of that tropical getaway!

Bottom has full front lining. Offered in XS 2X.

Tops and Bottoms from $38.95 ea. pc.

Oasis Bikini Top $38.95 (select color/size)

Oasis Thong Bottom $38.95 (select color/size)

Oasis Rio Bottom $38.95 (select color/size)


Original Sarong (Size 58" x 21 1/2") $31

Extended Width Sarong (Size 63"x 27") $33.00

A great athletic cut can be worn all day

Thong above with high cut legs

High cut sides lengthen the look of your legs!

Oasis Periwinkle Rio bottom for fuller coverage

Sexy high cut leg bikini

Oasis Periwinkle Bikini sleek, high cut bottom legs

Oasis plus size Rio bottom in Perwinkle

Rio Plus size Oasis bikini above

Plus size Oasis in Periwinkle

Oasis in Periwinkle plus size


Brigitewear International designs, manufactures and sell women's swimwear made in California, USA

Palm Desert, CA USA 92211

(800) 757-2550