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 Brigitewear Sexy Swimwear, thong swimsuits, see through bikinis and accessories made in Palm Springs California

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Buy Sexy Tan Through Mesh & Sheer Women's Swimsuits

Tan Through, Sheer & Sheer When Wet Swimwear

Sheer Teardrop one piece swimsuit in Crimson

Teardrop Thong or Rio One Piece - The perfect combination of Flirty and Sophisticated! This stunning Monokini style in Thong or Rio features sexy side cutouts and flattering high cut legs. This suit will be a fabulously sexy addition to your swimwear wardrobe. Comes with crotch lining only. Size 2-22 from $79.95

Sheer or not? You decide

Smoke & Mirrors Rio One Piece - This velvety soft fabric is like a magicians illusion. In some lights it appears sheer, where in other light, you'll only see shadows. There's no deception, only a fabulous high cut leg suit that will stimulate the senses. Available in sizes Small to 2X. from  $76.95

Black Rose Rio or Thong One Piece - An avant-garde one piece in Thong or Rio that enlightens the senses. Visually slimming, this monokini makes a statement! Shiny black tricot with black lace rose pattern with unlined bra that ties around the back and neck for perfect fit. Very sexy and see through top. Comes with crotch lining only. Sizes 2-22 $68.95

See through swimsuit in white is very sheer when wet

Side Boob One Piece - One of our more titillating designs, the Side Boob is offered in ultra soft Clay or Opaque Black with thong or Rio bottom options. As shown, the Clay becomes sheer and clingy when wet. The adjustable straps allow for a perfectly comfortable fit.  in sizes 2-22  from  $68.95 5 stars

Coachella Chic Thong and Rio - Make a statement with our new Coachella Chic one-piece bathing suit! Offered with a Thong or Rio bottom, the Coachella Chic is available in soft Periwinkle fabric with stunning Neon Yellow accents, adjustable straps and crotch lining only. The high cut legs are very flattering and sensuous. The Coachella Chic is inspired by the Coachella Music Festival vibe and latest fashion trends. Pair with a Neon Yellow Sarong for a sensational outfit for the day!

In Sizes 2-22 $75.95

Sheer Desire see through one piece mesh swimsuit by Brigitewear

Sheer Desire One Piece Bathing Suit. This exciting creation is just what the doctor ordered to stir up and wake up those sexy feelings inside.  All mesh design allows you to tan through the suit to eliminate tan lines while at the same time commanding a lot of attention.  Sizes 2-22   $64.95 5 stars

Sexy Sheer Mesh side panels with high cut legs

Impulse Sheer One Piece - Flattering Sumptuous Design. Super comfortable high cut leg, plunging back with mesh sheer see through side panels. Side panels create a visual slimming effect throughout the suit. Rio style bottom back with crotch lining only. White becomes seductively sheer when wet, Coral less sheer.  In Coral and White.  in sizes 2-22 from  $69.50

Seductively sheer when wet

Passion Sheer One Piece Thong or Rio - Just add water. This suit will become your Passion! This simple classic subtly sheer when dry one piece will change before your eyes.  Available in thong and Rio styles, with adjustable straps. Crotch lining only. in sizes 2-22 from from $68.95

Sure to turn heads wherever worn

Sapphire Sheer Mesh One Piece - This sensational suit is sure to excite. The one layer sapphire mesh top allows the tan through effect with minimal tan lines. Bottom is white mesh with the front using a white lining. Back is sheer white mesh.  Sizes S- plus size 2X $64.95

Super high cut leg swimsuit

Peek-a-Boob One Piece Simple Seductive Design Our first Side Boob racer back! Super comfortable 4 way stretch fabric. Side clips for easy in and out. Cheeky style rear back. Fabric becomes seductively sheer when wet. In Pale Lavender. in sizes 2-22 from $68.95

Exquisitely flirtatious and risque

Ringed Side Boob One Piece  One of our more titillating designs now enhanced with crisscross strapping and a side ring that opens the look even more! The Side Boob is offered in Watermelon and Silver with thong or Rio bottom options, in sizes 2-22 from from  $68.95

5 stars

Excitingly sheer in the right places

Black Sequins Rio or Thong One Piece - An avant-garde one piece in Thong or Rio that enlightens the senses. Visually slimming, this monokini makes a statement! Shiny black tricot with black lace sequins unlined bra that ties around the back and neck for perfect fit. Comes with crotch lining only, .in sizes 2-22 from $68.95 5 stars

Aphrodisiac Gold One Piece - Pulled together in all the right places, the Aphrodisiac Gold lives up to itís name! Casings for free flow of straps are located throughout the suit. Fully adjustable bra style strapping underneath the arms, allows you to feel secure in this racy one piece. sizes 0-22 from $68.95

Sheer Mesh Bikini women's swimsuit with see through halter top and thong or rio bottom by Brigitewear

Floral Paradise Sheer Thong or Rio Bottom Bikini Swimsuit  - sheer mesh bottom in the back and a comfortable cotton/lycra lined mesh in front. Available in Rio and thong. Tops are available lined and unlined. Four different tops and 2 styles of bottoms offer a multitude of variety. Sizes 2-22 from   $34.95 each piece 5 stars

Seductively sheer when wet

 Bliss One Piece You will definitely achieve a state of bliss when wearing this fabulously enticing creation. Soft and sensuous when dry, enticingly sheer when wet.  Available in sizes XSmall to plus size 2X. from $68.95

Sheer Mesh Black Cross Back one piece swimsuit

Cross Back Sheer One Piece - Action Suit!  Designed for action, this suit has a built in mesh bra for support and adjustable back straps for the ideal fit. Bikini style mesh lining in front, sheer in back, in sizes 2-22 from from  $67.95

5 stars

Plum Paradise Sheer Halter Bikini top

Plum Paradise Sheer Bikini - Versatility at itís best! This suit offers the Plum Mesh Halter Top with ivory lace accents. The thong and Rio bottoms are Ivory Lace with Plum Mesh lining in front and side ties. These pieces pair with a variety of other products in our current line. The Ivory Lace triangle top, Freestyle tops, along with all our plum mesh Tís offer never ending combinations to your wardrobe. In sizes XS-2X from $35.00

Sheer Cannes bikini top white

Sheer Cannes Bikini Swimsuit Bikini by Brigitewear.  Exciting and sexy - the Cannes bikini swimsuit available in Thong or Rio bottom has one subtle difference.  Get the top wet and it becomes quite sheer.  Wear this when you really want attention. Then take the plunge, get it wet and watch out!  from $67.95 complete in sizes 2-22

See thru bikini top with thong bikini bottom

TanThru Tahitian Rio or Thong bottom. Enjoy a full body tan while garnering a lot of attention.  This sheer bikini is just the ticket to transport you to that wonderful tropical isle, even if you're home!  This sexy sheer bikini bathing suit is double sheer lined on the bottom front for more modesty, but that's the only place.  Sizes 2-22   from $34.49 each piece  5 stars

Very sheer and sexy!

Cheeky Side Boob One Piece One of our more racy designs, the Cheeky Side Boob is offered in ultra sheer see through stretchable mesh fabric .The adjustable straps allow for a perfect comfortable fit. In sizes 2-20 from
from  $68.95

5 stars

Breezy Sheer Mint Julep One piece swimsuit

Breezy Sheer One Piece Swimsuit. Now in Blue Ice and Desert Trip colors as well as Mint Julep and Midnight Sky. This suit, with its faintly variegated pattern is sensual when dry and seductively sheer and see through when wet. Plunging front and back together with the extreme high cut sides Sizes 2-22  $67.95  5 stars

Mesh Madnesss mesh see through swimsuit by Brigite

Mesh Madness "Neon Turquoise" Bikini  Hot Sheer Thong or Rio Bikini ensemble.  You'll feel especially sexy in this elegant bikini. The beautiful mesh fabric is striking! The top is available in a Lined or Sheer Unlined version. The bottoms are lined in front and sheer in the rear. Sizes 2-22  $34.49 each piece 5 stars

The super sexy Sheer 2Scoops in Baby Blue

Sheer 2Scoops One Piece swimsuit by Brigitewear.  Just like the 2Scoops with one difference.  This sheer swimsuit is unlined on top and looks like a sexy one piece when dry - but get it wet and it becomes provocatively sexy and sheer on top.  You will love the way this suit makes you feel.  Available in 7 sizzling colors in sizes 2-22.  $59.95  5 stars

St Tropez Combo Swimsuit

St. Tropez Thong One Piece Swimsuits by Brigitewear.  With a little less coverage than the St. Raphael, this thong swimwear features a crotch only lining.  The provocatively deep plunging back and high cut leg design becomes daringly sheer when wet on top making it the ultimate in a sensuous sexy feminine thong swimsuit design in sizes 2-22.  $59.95  5 stars

Perfect for any figure

Cloud 9 Rio or Thong One Piece - You'll be on Cloud 9 with this sheer when dry one piece thong suit. With adjustable shoulder straps and lightweight fabric, it'll be one of your most comfortable pieces. Comes with black mesh crotch lining. Available in sizes XSmall to 2X, from  $67.95

5 stars

Seamless Sheer Bikini top in black mesh and white

Seamless Bikini - The ultimate in smooth, sensual, and sheer. This sexy top is available in black mesh and solid white which lets you decide how transparent you want to be. White is sheer when wet. With no side seams, and a crisscross adjustable tie back, it provides the perfect fit and fashion details. Pairs well a variety of Brigitewear mesh and solid bikini bottoms. Sizes 2-20  $34.50 each piece

Utopia One Piece - The feeling of being in a "good place" is what you'll experience in this sleek sophisticated suit. This high neck one piece hugs your curves in all the right places. Underarm adjustable straps provide the perfect fit, comes with crotch lining only. Available in subtly sheer Kiwi or Indigo Blue. sizes Small to 2X from $67.95 Sale $59.95

Knotty Sheer Top bikini swimsuit

Knotty Neon Stripe Bikini Knotty or Naughty, you choose.  This neon number will definitely make you stand out at the beach. Both neon triangle mesh tops are available in the Sheer single mesh, or not so sheer double mesh versions. Both tops coordinate lovely with the low rise neon striped bottoms as well as Brigitewear's neon Sheer T's and Cannes thong, Rio and G-string bottoms.  Sale Price From $33.95 Sale $27.95 each piece  5 stars

Extremely sheer see through fabric

Decadence Thong One Piece - "Limited Edition". A sensually dazzling one piece thong swimsuit that is provocative in every way! The high cut legs flatter any figure. The luxurious Peach Lace fabric is sheer, soft and sumptuous. Available in sizes XSmall to 2X from $79.95




Brigitewear International designs, manufactures and sell women's swimwear made in California, USA     

Palm Desert,  CA  USA  92211

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Brigitewear International wants you to be satisfied with your selection. Should there be any defect in quality or workmanship, if your size is incorrect, or if you just do not care for the style, your swimwear is exchangeable with original tags & hygiene strip within 30 days of receipt. See our Policies page for full details on exchanges/refunds.